The Hope of Sudan is a united alliance of all proven Sudanese-led nonprofit organizations in the United States that share a common mission — to provide the foundation for stable communities and empower our Sudanese brothers and sisters to transform their villages socially and economically.

Our members have established credibility working in Sudan and in partnership with village leaders and residents. So far we have raised and invested more than $4 million in Southern Sudan. Often, founders of our organizations have realized their dreams to begin rebuilding the homeland they were forced to flee with limited resources, by generating great community support. In the few years since Salva Dut formed Water for Sudan, he has drilled 29 wells to quench the thirst of 180,000 Sudanese with fresh water. The John Dau Foundation operates a medical clinic that tends to 40,000 patients per year and provides the first neo-natal care available to pregnant women in Duk County.

Alliance members have opened a total of six schools so far, ranging from elementary education to a secondary school for girls that focuses on health sciences and sustainable agriculture. Already more than 800 children attend Pongborong Primary School, opened by Peter Magai Bul's Ayual Community Development Association.

Alliance members have outstanding records of success. We have learned during our work in Sudan that we need a comprehensive and strategic approach to rebuilding. "With the alliance, we can do what we cannot do alone," says John Dau, founder of the John Dau Foundation.

United, we combine our expertise and resources to address needs in a comprehensive way. Together, we will work with villages, Sudanese government and the Sudanese people — in all areas of Southern Sudan — to identify areas of greatest need and establish education, health care, economic development including small-business loans, infrastructure and safe drinking water in communities. Emphasis will also be placed on girls' education and tribal cooperation. Over time, improvements we help Sudanese communities make will become the community fabric — providing a more equal role for women, opportunities for adults to provide for their families and education for everyone. We will bring the infrastructure and tools to transform communities with hope, collaboration and a way of life that, over time, focuses on opportunity and sustainability for men and women instead of survival.

More than 20 organizations have committed to the alliance to restore hope. Join us in our vision.